In Memory of barry david homan

Jan. 16, 1954 - April 4, 2005


Barry David Homan

Barry David Homan was born in Far Rockaway, New York in 1954.  His brother Bobby gave him his first guitar at age 8 and taught him how to play, listen and sing harmony.  Barry was fronting his first band at the age of 12.  His musical influences stretch wide and varied from blues, rock'n'roll, R&B, jazz, bluegrass, folk and country. But the Blues captured his soul early on and was the essence of all his music.

His career began when his family moved to Phoenix in 1970, making a name for himself at the local clubs.

He moved to England 2001 and performed throughout the UK.

Barry passed on in Norfolk, England in 2005.

WITH Pride and Joy

This CD tribute to SRVaughan was released in 2005. Barry played lead guitar and  vocals, Nick Mallett on bass, David Sparrow on drums, Rich Young on keyboard.

Barry played a 1962 Stratocaster and a SRV signature series strat. His acoustic was a 1966 Fender Vibration Leslie.

Covers included Hendrix, SRV, EClapton, JBeck, Santana, JCocker, RFord, ZZTop, GThorogood, SBrown, Allman Bros, MKnopfler, MWaters, RJohnson, BBKing, Freddie & Albert King, Johnny Winter ... as well as many BDH originals. 

The Homan Brothers

Barry's brother Bobby was his strongest, most positive musical influence.  He steered him in the right direction, turning Barry on to the early groundbreaking stuff, as well as all the incredible talent that emerged in the early 60's. 

Bobby wrote a poem called ONLY BROTHERS which was reprinted on the SRV tribute CD insert.  That poem was also engraved on Barry's urn.  The last sentences "Our morning sun is music, surely sent from up above. In harmonies near perfect, near perfect as our love." Bobby passed in Arizona in 2009.

Both brothers and their parents' ashes were all laid to rest together at a memorial service in Arizona, 2018.